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My friends in LA had a surprise 50th birthday party for me Friday night.
The funny thing is that I'm 52.
You see, I turned 50 during COVID and they couldn't have a party for me in LA. My friends waited and that was a good thing because I don't believe you turn 50 until you have a epic surprise party. So technically I've been 49 for the last few years and only now am I officially 50. : )
And let me tell you it was the worth the wait. It was truly a special night, orchestrated by my friend David Nurse, filled with love, encouragement and friendship.
It was surreal to have so many people I admire in one room and I'm honored and grateful they are my friends. Friends such as Sean McVay, Erwin McManus, Jay Glazer, Jim Rome, Thomas Williams, Phil Nicaud, Damon West, and Ed Mylett... roasted me, made me laugh and shared heartfelt words, including a speech from my daughter that made tear up.
Jon's 50th in LA
Driving home from the party it occurred to me that if the party was held in January of 2021 it wouldn’t have been as special. My relationships with a bunch of these great friends had developed in meaningful ways for various reasons over the last few years ever since the pandemic. Many of them likely wouldn’t have come to my party just a few short years ago.
While COVID was the great separator for many, it served as the great uniter for me. I realized how much I valued relationships and friendships in my life and made them a priority. Times had changed and so did I and my relationships.

It's a great reminder I want to share with you. Sometimes we want things to happen now on our time, but they are meant to happen at a different time. Our best moments don't often happen when we want them to happen. They happen when they are meant to happen and it’s always worth the wait.
Friday night was one of those moments that was meant to happen right now, at this time with the people who made it an amazing night I'll remember forever.
My wife said the words shared at my party from those in attendance and those who sent videos are usually heard at funerals and I was fortunate to hear them while I was still alive.
I totally agree and I felt so thankful and encouraged to be able to experience this at 52, I mean, 50 years of age.
And I'm even more inspired than ever to make a greater difference with the time I have left on earth.
In fact, my goal is to make it to 100. In the words of the great American philosopher, Jon Bon Jovi, "I'm halfway there, living on a prayer," with a mission to develop more great relationships and impact more people.
I hope you join me!
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