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Power of a Positive Team

Build a Stronger, More United, Connected Team


Negativity and a lack of communication, connection and commitment too often sabotage a team’s mission and performance. That’s why our program, delivered at an office or off-site location, is designed to help leaders build a more positive, engaged and connected team. During our session teams will assess their culture, identify key areas that need improvement and implement principles and practices that transform negativity, improve communication, build trust, generate clarity and enhance team grit and growth.

Based on Jon Gordon’s best-selling book The Power of a Positive Team, a JGC consultant will activate within your team a proven model that has been put into practice by various leadership teams such as the Los Angeles Rams, Dell, Snap and The Miami Heat. Applying research, compelling stories, interactive discussions and customized team building strategies that address your real world situations, your team will leave more optimistic, connected and prepared to succeed TOGETHER.

Facilitated by a JGC Team Building consultant your team will:

  • Review the principles, practices and characteristics that make great teams great and identify what your team must do to improve and grow together.
  • Create alignment and clarity to ensure that everyone is working toward the same vision and mission.
    Identify current challenges and learn strategies to maintain optimism through adversity.
  • Assess your team’s level of communication and connection, and make immediate improvements.
  • Discuss and implement practical solutions to confront, transform and remove negativity from your team.
  • Engage in conversations that build trust and enhance a team’s creativity, accountability and performance.
  • Discover how positive discontent and positive conflict will help your team continuously improve and pursue greatness together.
  • Create a plan to sustain an integrated approach to ongoing team excellence
    Practice strategies for challenging conversations and team situations designed to transform or remove negativity

Available Programs Include:

  • Half Day Workshop
  • Full Day Session

For more information email us at or call 904.285.6842.

Amy P. Kelly

VP of Consulting

Amy P. Kelly (SPHR, SHRM-SCP) is the VP of Consulting for The Jon Gordon Companies “Power of a Positive Team” Consulting Practice. As an award winning HR and Learning and Development executive, Amy speaks and leads development programs for executives and their teams all over the world. She is also the co-author of The Energy Bus Field Guide.


What Others are Saying

"I love this book by my good friend Jon Gordon. My experience has taught me that a team can do great things but a positive team can do extraordinary things. Jon does a great job of articulating so many different examples of this. I have no doubt the lessons in this book will help you and your team reach your potential."

"Jon has a special gift for articulating the principles and values that help guide great teams and organizations in a positive authentic way. These values are instrumental in helping develop a connected environment. There is something special about being a part of something bigger than yourself and the star of the team is the team. Jon's books have been especially helpful and influential for the Rams and how we want to operate daily."

"An actionable guide to energizing your team."

"The Energy Bus and No Complaining Rule transformed my work and family life and this book gives us practical ways to put The Power of a Positive Team into action. So many of Jon Gordon's best practices are alive and well at The Golf Channel. The Power of a Positive Team will be our must-read this year! This is a must-read for corporate, sports teams... even families."

"Jon and his principles have been very helpful to me and my team. I encourage you to read this book and discover the keys to building a great team."

"We all know it is all about talented people 'working together' to create something very special: government, business, sports, and life. Jon Gordon really captures the power of positive 'working together principles and practices' and includes a positive disciplined process and expected behaviors that all teams can use immediately!"


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