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Training Camp Video Training Program

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In this 45-minute, 11 module video training program (accessible online) Jon Gordon will coach you on each of the eleven traits and habits of success from by book Training Camp. All the details are below as well as a sample video from one of the session modules.

Be Your Best! Help your Team be their Best!

Whether you play sports or the piano, work with numbers or a scalpel, these lessons apply to everyone who must climb the mountain before reaching its peak.

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Discover what the Best do Better than Everyone Else

Based on his work with numerous professional and college sports teams, world-class organizations, educators, and interviews with elite performers in a wide variety of fields, Jon Gordon has found that the best of the best all share the same eleven traits and habits that cause them to excel in their work and life.

There is a Formula for Success. There is a Pattern of Greatness.

“There is a formula for success. There is a pattern of greatness. There are habits that the best do that others don’t and things that the best do better than everyone else. There is a way that the best of the best approach their life and work and craft that differentiates themselves from others. This formula is predictable, repeatable and a process anyone can follow…especially YOU.” – Jon Gordon

What the Best say about Training Camp

Who can Benefit from this Program?

Anyone who wants to be there best! From young athletes, sales people and managers who want to improve the way they coach their employees to teenagers, college and professional athletes, office workers and artists these videos and lessons can help everyone take their performance to the next level.

Great for Families Too!

The 11 videos are also great for parents to watch with their children so they can reinforce the messages to help them be their best.