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Positive Team Video Training Program

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We Are Better Together! Build a Stronger Team.

This is perfect for any type of team (business, non-profit, sports, school, family, etc.)!

In this 7-part video series, available in DVD or online formats, Jon personally walks you through an overview of the proven principles and practices, from his bestselling book The Power of a Positive Team, that will help your team and organization become more connected, committed, positive and stronger together!

Each session includes interactive discussion questions (delivered digitally as PDF) to help your team engage. You can watch all sessions together at once or separately over time.

Session 1: (3 Minutes) – No One Creates Success Alone
Session 2: (4 Minutes) – Creating a Great Culture
Session 3: (5 Minutes) – Shared Vision and Greater Purpose
Session 4: (8 Minutes) – Working Together with Optimism and Belief
Session 5: (6 Minutes) – Transform and Remove Negativity
Session 6: (11 Minutes) – Communicate, Connect, Commit, Care
Session 7: (5 Minutes) – Striving to Get Better


This program is available in DVD or online formats. Those who purchase the DVD option will also receive online access. Online access is granted for a minimum of 1 year to online purchases.


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