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Rei Mesa

“In every business environment, success or defeat is determined by the mindset of its leaders, and the ability to motivate and energize each member of the organization towards a common goal and culture. As the keynote speaker at our 2008 9th, annual awards luncheon, Jon provided our group of 400 award winners with positive strategies for their business and their lives. Jon has an innate ability to genuinely motivate and encourage” our sales associates walked away with a renewed enthusiasm and focus on the simple things they could do to infuse their lives with positive energy. Jon inspired our sales associates and leadership team in such a way they could not wait to start reading The Energy Bus and implementing the philosophy contained in the pages. Great job Jon!”

Why Leaders FAIL Their Teams

During this FREE leadership training (online via Zoom) I’ll teach you my 5-step positive leadership framework that will improve your leadership, help you create a positive culture and build winning team.