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Tami Matheny

Tami Matheny is the owner of Refuse2LoseCoaching, LLC, author, keynote speaker, and a member of the Jon Gordon Team. As a mental game coach, she assists people in all walks of like (not just athletes) with improved confidence, focus, motivation, mental toughness, leadership, teamwork, etc. Tami has a passion for helping others build a foundation of confidence and to rise above adversity. She has seen first-hand how confidence is key in any area of life.

Over 40 years of Tami’s life has been dedicated to athletics whether it was competing, coaching, administration, and now through mental coaching. She has observed and studied what successful athletes, coaches, parents and teams do that set them apart. In her speaking and writing, Tami often uses story telling to get her message across and follows it up with applicable tools to use to help others implement these success principles. Her mission is to help individuals, teams, and programs develop and maintain positive, confidence cultures.

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