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Julie W. Nee

Julie is a leader, motivator and a passionate teacher of all things positivity. Heart centered leadership and enthusiasm are her trademarks. She brings a high level of energy and passion to every group she engages. Julie weaves personal anecdotes with relevant calls to action for each specific audience.

Julie brings 25 years of business experience in Sales, Sales Leadership and
Marketing, including 19 years at The Hershey Company building business, leading
teams and developing people. This experience is the foundation for connecting
and engaging with clients around their real business challenges and opportunities.
Julie has worked with clients across a wide variety of industries to drive positive
change into their organizations.

In addition to keynote speaking, Julie leads our Training team at The Jon Gordon
Companies, and is the co-creator (along with Jon Gordon) of our Power of Positive
Leadership training program. Julie focuses her sessions on helping each
organization, team and individual build more positive minds, teams and cultures.

Why Leaders FAIL Their Teams

During this FREE leadership training (online via Zoom) I’ll teach you my 5-step positive leadership framework that will improve your leadership, help you create a positive culture and build winning team.