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Chad Busick

Chad brings a unique hybrid of experience to the Jon Gordon team. His corporate background includes over 20 years in sales and sales management across multiple industries. Chad enjoys taking employees and companies through workshops and trainings that build meaningful connections and positive culture within the organization.

Chad’s extensive experience in sports allows him to easily connect with clients in the athletic arena. A former college athlete, he spent 10 years coaching competitive teams and holds a National D Coaching License with US Soccer. Following his coaching career, Chad has spent 7+ years working with players, coaches and teams which includes work with DI, DII, DIII, and NAIA schools at the college level as well as work with high school and competitive teams across a wide variety of sports.

Chad is also the host of The Championship Mindset Podcast and published author of his book, The Rock Tumbler. Chad lives in San Diego with his wife, Jennifer of 26 years. Together they have two daughters. In his free time, Chad enjoys playing golf as well as spending time hiking or at the beach.

Chad is dedicated to meeting others where they are and helping them get to where they want to
go. Whether it’s in business, education or athletics, Chad helps others achieve excellence in a competitive world.