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Andrea Sealey

Andrea says that she always knew that her “gift of gab” would one day go from the reason she got in trouble at school to the reason that she would succeed in life. Her ability to meaningfully connect with others, engage a room full of strangers, and communicate so that it sticks has been the golden thread of her career spanning the past 25+ years.

From her early days as a teacher and school administrator, through her years at a non-profit youth development agency, to her latest roles in the wireless industry where she led the Communications, Events, and People Development strategy for a company of over 4,000 employees, the drive to give people and teams what they need to be their best version has always been at the root of her work.

A self-proclaimed “infectious dose of positivity,” Andrea uses the lessons she has learned over the years to not only bring out the best in others but to encourage and empower others to do the same. She has been described as a motivated, energetic, and passionate leader, trusted advisor to executives, people connector, and global thinker. As a dualcertified Jon Gordon trainer in The Power of Positive Leadership and The Power of a Positive Team, Andrea shares compelling stories that make the content come alive while providing the knowledge, resources, and coaching to be successful and drive real results.

Andrea is a lifelong coastal Virginia resident where she received her undergraduate degree in Education from Randolph-Macon College and her Masters in School Administration from The George Washington University. When not working with leaders, teams, or organizations to create engaged teams and positive cultures, Andrea is happiest surrounded by her husband and two young adult children. Together, they spend a lot of time laughing, sharing stories, and finding the good in whatever life may throw their way.