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The Fight
My friend Donald Miller and I were talking today, and he said that everything seems to be a fight these days. Not the ones you see on the news or the political fights happening daily.

But the fight to be your best and overcome the resistance and forces that keep you from it.

I am talking about the fight to lose weight when every shop has croissants and donuts in the window and they actually call your name. I know because I've heard many chocolate croissants yell "Jon!" : )

It's a fight to get in the gym and work out when you feel tired or sore.  

It's a fight to keep your kids on the right track. You have to fight for your marriage and family when so many forces in the world try to sabotage you.  

It's a fight to stay positive in the face of so much pessimism and negativity.

It's a fight to overcome all the challenges and change in your organization and the world.

Nothing comes easy. If it did, I suppose we wouldn't appreciate it. It's also the way the world works. The struggle is part of the journey and story. The fight is part of the battle and the victory.

The beautiful thing about life is that we get to choose what we will fight for.

You can fight to build a strong team and/or family. You can fight to keep your great employees. You can fight to build a great culture. You can fight for the principles and causes you believe in. You can fight to keep your customers and grow your business. You can fight to stop drinking. You can fight to improve your health. You can fight to win your starting position on your sports team. You can fight to do what's best for our children in schools. You can fight to save lives.  

You can fight for anything so the big question is what will you fight for? To answer this, you need to answer one more question.Is it worth it?

If it's worth it, you will fight for it.

If it's worth it you won't give up when it gets hard.

If it's worth it, it's worth your time, commitment, energy, sacrifice and focus.

If it's worth it then it's worth fighting the good fight.

Sure, there will be battles that make you afraid. There will be times when you fail. There will be days you get knocked down. There will be moments when you want to give up.

During your darkest of times always remember that stars shine the brightest in the darkness. Your greatest victory will come after your toughest battle.  Love drives grit and casts out fear. If you love it, you will fight for it and overcome your fear in doing so. Your vision and purpose are greater than your challenges. Failure is temporary. The character and strength you develop fighting the good fight is what endures. So, keep fighting, become all you are meant to be in the process and don't give up!

It's worth it and so are you!

- Jon
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