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One day you are in traffic and it bothers you. The next day you are in the same traffic, but it doesn't because you are in a great mood. Is it the traffic that causes how you feel? If it was the traffic, you would have the same response all the time. It must be 100% for it to be truth.

One day you have a paper or project due and you feel stuck. You can't think clearly or write. But the next day you have a moment of inspiration and clarity. You finish the project in a few hours. Was it the paper or project causing you to feel a certain way?

Two brothers grow up in the same family and crime ridden neighborhood. One becomes a neurosurgeon. The other lives a life of crime and drugs. We often hear that the environment causes someone to be a certain way but if it was the environment everyone would turn out the same way because of the environment.

We've been taught to believe that it's the circumstance, event, situation and environment that causes us to think, feel and act the way we do but the truth it's never the traffic. It's never the event or circumstance.

It’s always your state of mind.

The events and circumstances in life contribute to our life experience but our state of mind (level of consciousness) determines how we see the event, how it affects us and how we respond to it. 

When you have a high state of mind, you have a lot of clarity, peace, confidence and you are able to rise about your circumstance and situation.

When you have a low state of mind, you have a lot of clutter, doubt and insecurity, easily get upset and instead of rising about your circumstance, your situation brings out the worst in you. 

When you have a high state of mind the traffic doesn't bother you. When you have a low state of mind it does.

When you have a high state of mind the bad call by the referee doesn't bother you. You move forward and keep playing. When you have a low state of mind, the bad call leads to you yelling at the referee.

When you have a high state of mind, you don't even think twice about seeing a negative comment on social media. Life is good, you could care less what someone thinks, and you enjoy the rest of day. When you have a low state of mind, the negative comment triggers you and you end up arguing with someone you don't even know.

When you have a high state of mind you are able to see that an event doesn't define you and you forgive and heal. When you have a low state of mind you hold on to pain and wounds of the past that continue to hurt you.

Life is always coming at us, and our state of mind determines how we respond.

So, the big question you are most likely asking right now is: How does one elevate their state of mind?

First, understanding how this all works automatically enhances your state of mind. This level of awareness automatically elevates consciousness. You may forget this truth from time to time but the minute you remember it, you go higher.

Second, knowing the truth that circumstances have no power over you and that you create your world from the inside out, elevates your state of mind. It's why The Coffee Bean is such a popular, powerful book, lesson and message.

Third, meditation, prayer, music, stillness, exercising, dancing, and doing something you love can help elevate your state of mind. For me, daily walks of gratitude and prayer have elevated my state of mind in amazing ways and changed the course of my life.

Finally, the most powerful way to elevate your state of mind is to love. Love dissolves hate and anger. Love casts out fear. Love is patient and kind. Love drives grit and causes you to keep going when others say you should quit. When you love others, and love what you do you tap into the most powerful force in the universe and rise above it all with more clarity, connection and confidence.

It's important to understand that each of us will experience high and low states of mind. It's the ebb and flow of consciousness and life. The key is to recognize the low and transform it to a high. The more you do this, the more you'll transform your default response.

Please know that I'm not saying the events in your life are meaningless. Many of them are powerful experiences that may have led to pain and trauma. I know this in my own life. My purpose in sharing this lesson with you is to remind you that you are more powerful than your circumstance and that you have the power to transform, transcend and triumph in any situation.

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