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The Power of One More
We often think we need a title to be a leader. We believe we must be credentialed or perfect to make a difference.

But while interviewing Ed Mylett the other day on my podcast, he shared a powerful message that, "Your greatest mess may be the very thing that qualifies you the most to help other people."
Ed wrote a book called The Power of One More where he shares how his father struggled with alcoholism when he was growing up. His father made the decision to quit drinking and that ONE decision would impact Ed's family and his future.

After Ed finished writing the book, which comes out soon, he woke up in the middle of the night with an epiphany that someone helped his dad get and stay sober. Throughout his life Ed focused on the hero his dad had become to him and countless others. But all of a sudden, he had this realization that someone in recovery, who had an addiction, was the very person God used to help his dad become a better husband, father, and mentor who helped thousands of men through recovery.
Ed said, "That person completely changed my family forever. And here's what's crazy... Do you know what qualified that person to help my dad? Their mess. They were an alcoholic. The very mess of their lives, the worst things they've done, their total tragedy, the things they're most ashamed of and embarrassed by, are exactly the things that qualified him to change my family for generations."

Maybe you have a past you aren't proud of. Maybe you have made mistakes along the way. Maybe you haven't felt qualified to be someone who can influence others.

I want you to know that your mess can become an impactful message to others. Your test can become your testimony. Your wounds can be used to heal. Your mistakes can become lessons to teach. And the worst event or mistake of your life can qualify you to bring out the best in others.

God doesn't call the qualified. He qualifies the called.

I believe we are all called. We just have to be willing to accept the call and take action to help ONE MORE.

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