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I stood in front of the Tampa Bay Lightning during training camp and knew exactly what I needed to tell them.

The previous season they lost in the first round, despite having the NHL’s best record, and were frustrated and searching for answers.

I had recently spoken to Tony Bennett, the head coach of the University of Virginia Men's basketball team who had lost to a 16th seed as the number 1 seed in the first round of the NCAA basketball tournament. On my Positive U podcast Tony said, "If you learn to use adversity the right way it can buy you a ticket to a place you couldn’t have gone any other way." Tony and his team owned their loss, used it as fuel for the future, had meaningful team building conversions that strengthened their connection and commitment and won the NCAA championship the following year.

I also read research from Penn State sports psychologist Dave Yukelson that teams who feel like they are defending their championship, status or ranking don't perform as well. The key was not to feel like you needed to defend anything but instead attack a new opportunity.

I shared these concepts with the team along with other principles from The Power of a Positive Team and thankfully shared the right words at the right time. They then took it from there to win this year's Stanley Cup championship.

The Tampa Bay Lightning are a great example of leadership and culture meeting talent, grit, passion, attitude and teamwork. They overcame injuries to their captain, losses, the Corona Virus, the challenge of being isolated and away from their families and played so many overtime minutes that they played the equivalent of 3 extra games to win the Stanley Cup.

They attacked a new opportunity to become champions and deserve the success they achieved. You can read more about this team here.

How about you? Are you defending the past or attacking a new opportunity? Are you reliving the losses from yesterday or attacking a new opportunity today to create a better tomorrow?

I believe there is a plan for your life but part of the plan is you taking action to create it.

Attacking a new opportunity doesn't just help teams win championships. It helps people like you and me win today and win the future.

Let’s go attack a new opportunity today.

I'm sending positive energy your way,
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