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What do you say to a team that just won the Super Bowl?

This thought ran through my mind as I drove to Irvine, CA to speak to the Los Angeles Rams during training camp the other day.

As they sat in their hotel meeting room before heading to practice, I stood at the front of the room and gave them research that showed that teams that feel like they are defending something don't do very well. But teams that feel like they are attacking a new opportunity do great. I said, "You aren't defending Super Bowl champions. You are attacking a new championship. You are attacking the next opportunity."

It's the same message I shared with Union County Schools, Johnson County Schools, Berks County, PA schools, Corpus Christi Schools, Oklahoma City Schools, Cannon Solutions, Modesto Schools, Bullard ISD, The University of Oklahoma Football team and the Clemson Football team, the last two weeks as I crisscrossed the country speaking every day. Yes, I'm a little tired. :)
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Whether you are a team that won the Super Bowl or a School trying to move forward after a rough two years with the pandemic or a company going through change or a team that didn't achieve it's goal last year, the key is to not to live in the past or be limited by the past but to look forward with possibility and create the future.

It doesn't matter what happened. Let's not let it bring us down or imprison us with pressure and expectations. Instead let's take the lessons and move on. Let's not be bitter. Let's get better. Let's not defend anything. Let's attack something new and exciting.

Most of all let’s do it together! This isn't just a message for you, it's for your family member and friend and team member, and colleague. Many people are in a slumber. They are feeling the aftershocks of the pandemic. They have tuned into Energy Vampires that have drained their energy for the last few years.

It's time for a wake-up call! It's time to look forward. It's time to get up and get going. It time to stop tuning into the voices of negativity and tune into optimism, belief and hope. It’s time to make today great and tomorrow even better.

Let's not live in yesterday. Let's attack today and create tomorrow!

After a day off, I'm hitting the road again for another non-stop packed two weeks of speaking.

Follow me on Instagram and watch my stories to see where I'm going and the messages I'm sharing.

Let’s attack a new opportunity together!

I thought my life was over but that lead me to learning one of the most important lessons about life…

Don't let the curse of experience stop you from seeing things in a new way.

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