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May 8, 2017

#3 Wall Street Journal Bestseller

Thank you to everyone who picked up a copy of my new book and for helping to spread the word! I'm extremely grateful it debuted as not only a #3 Wall Street Journal bestseller but also a Publisher's Weekly bestseller!

The Power of Positive Leadership is available where books are sold including Amazon and Barnes & Noble.


Are You a Real Team?

There’s a difference between being on a team and being a real team.

People who are on a team focus on their own goals.

People who are part of a real team focus on team goals first and their individual goals second.

Individuals on a team are committed to getting better and improving themselves.

Individuals who are part of a real team are not only committed to getting better they are also committed to each other and the team.

When you are on a team you think about how the team can serve your desires.

When you are part of a real team your desire is to serve the team.

When you are on a team communication isn’t a priority

When you are a real team communication is essential to build trust, commitment and teamwork.

When you are on a team you care

When you are a real team you care more.

On a team, your time is more important than your team.

A real team makes time with the team a priority.

On a team, trust, love and respect are not often discussed or cultivated.

A real team focuses on building trust, sharing love and showing respect and ingrain them into everything they do.

On a team people fight and the fighting hurts the team because they don’t have trust and love.

A real team also fights but the fighting makes the team stronger because they have trust and love. They grow from their disagreements.

On a team, not everyone is on the bus.

A real team has everyone on the bus with a shared vision, focus and purpose.

On a team, there’s a lack of leadership

A real team has strong leaders who develop other leaders.

People on a team have an ego to want to be great.

People who are part of a real team also have an ego to want to be great but they give up their ego to serve their team and a bigger cause in order to be great.

So how about your team? Are you just on a team or are you a real team?

I encourage you to gather your team together, read this newsletter and honestly ask each member of the team what they think. Then discuss ways you can grow stronger as team. Let me know how it goes. You can send me a tweet, post on Facebook or email me at I read all emails.

- Jon


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ATD Driver of Positive Change

Excited to announce that we will have a booth at ATD (5/21 - 5/24) for our Driver of Positive Change program where we help front line managers become leaders and drivers of positive change. Come visit us at booth #720.

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