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How you see the world determines the world that you see. Do you see abundance or scarcity? 

Do you believe that if someone has a lot it means there’s not enough for you? Do you focus on getting your piece of the pie or believe that you can make the pie bigger so everyone can enjoy more? Do you focus only on yourself or do you help others grow? Do you celebrate the success of others or envy them? 

When The Energy Bus was first published, most book stores didn't carry it but Patrick Lencioni’s book 5 Dysfunctions of a Team was wildly successful. I remember feeling jealous and believing that because his book was successful it meant mine couldn’t be. I had a scarcity mindset. 

After rereading my own book I knew I had to change my mindset. I made a decision to honor and celebrate Pat’s success and cheer him on from afar even though he didn’t know me. I believed if he could do it, so could I. 

The Energy Bus gained momentum over time and eventually became a best seller. I’ll never forget the day it hit the top of the best seller list and I received a surprise email from Patrick Lencioni congratulating me. It felt like a sign letting me know an abundance mindset helps create abundance. 

To this day I encourage and mentor a lot of aspiring authors because I don’t see anyone as competition. There’s more than enough for everyone. I’ve found the more I help others grow, I grow.

We live in a big universe. There are trillions of dollars available to you and your next business idea, billions of people to connect with, an infinite amount of ideas to implement and an endless supply of energy. So why do so many expect so little? There’s more than enough for everyone and there’s more than enough for you. 

Stop thinking small. Think big. Have an abundance mindset. Take bold actions and create an abundant life.

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