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36 Amazing Lessons from The Positive Summit
Over the last few days we hosted our annual Positive Summit online. It was one of our best summits yet with powerful, life-changing messages from over 30 top leaders including Damian Lillard, Ed Mylett, Jamie Kern Lima and more. Below is a lesson / quote from each speaker.

If you haven't tuned in to The Positive Summit, you can still get free online access today (April 24) as a bonus watch day! After today you can get full online / replay access for a year + exclusive bonuses by signing up for VIP access here.
Your brain is an antenna. You can choose to TUNE in to a positive or negative frequency. - Jon Gordon

Your belief about yourself on the inside is what creates your life on the outside. - Damian Lillard

If your dreams are bigger than your adversity, you’ll get through it. - Ed Mylett

Rejection is God's protection. - Jamie Kern Lima

It’s not your successes that makes you powerful but rather your scars. Be proud of your scars. They are the currency of your future. - Jay Glazer

Time is our currency. We can always go out and earn more money but we cannot get back our time. - Jenna Kutcher

It doesn’t matter what you say, it matters what they hear. - Erwin McManus

Starting is fun but the future belongs to the finishers. - Jon Acuff

In the pot of boiling water called life we have three choices. We can be like the carrot that turns soft, be like the egg that turns hard, or be like the coffee bean that transforms the water around them. - Damon West

Change your negative surroundings to create a more positive future. - Kathryn Gordon

No matter how strong, positive or successful you are… it’s okay to be vulnerable. It’s okay to say you are scared. When you open up, you help others and you help yourself. – Teddi Mellencamp

If you can retrain your brain to see OPPORTUNITIES as clearly as you see problems, you can do ANYTHING. - Danielle Canty

Winning is your ability to look yourself in the mirror and say, Today I gave it my very best. - Ben Newman

Inspiration and motivation will not change your life. It's the implementation, the action and execution, that will. - Candy Valentino

You are always most powerfully positioned to serve the person you once were. - Rory Vaden

Hope is believing that tomorrow can be better than today! – Angela Manuel Davis

Your career is the most valuable and the most personal investment that you will ever make. - Octavia Goredema

Give the person permission to buy the thing they already wanted to buy. - Donald Miller

To be great, you only have to be consistently good over an extended period of time. - Sahil Bloom

Don’t let the fear of other people’s opinions hold you back. - David Nurse

You can't win today's game with yesterday's touchdown. - Tiki Davis

One idea can shift everything in your life. Speak life, abundance and positivity over yourself. - Stephen Scoggins

Don’t let WHAT you do define WHO you are. - Patric Young

Take ownership of your thoughts and you’ll take ownership of your life. - Josh Lambo

Resilience isn’t just bouncing back, it’s having the courage to move forward and choose to have a life of joy even when things don’t go as planned. - Amberly Lago

FOPO = Fear of Other People’s Opinions (the biggest thing that holds us back is this, don’t let it be you). - Sean Cannell

People will think what you tell them to think. Tell the story you want them to tell. - Rebecca Zung

Give yourself permissions to disappoint others so you can stop disappointing yourself. - Rachel Luna

Even if you struggle with confidence, have faith and just take the next step forward. – Jade Gordon

If you knew you were in your final 168 days, what would you do? Who would you connect with? This is how you determine what is MOST important to you. - Kent Clothier

Pride sucks... it will suck the life out of your future, your marriage, your team, etc. - Chad Veach

For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. (Jeremiah 29:11) - Steve Weatherford

Stop expecting YOU from them. - Jerry Flowers Jr.

Raise your level of GRIT. Champions show up even when they don't want to. Be better. Be different. - Phil Beckner

You can't give from less. You can only give from more. You ARE enough. - David Meltzer

Don't sacrifice what matters most for what is temporary. - Steve Chou

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