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Power of Positive Leadership
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11 Leadership / Life Lessons from Row the Boat
On June 9th my latest book with Coach P.J. Fleck releases. It's called Row the Boat: A Never-Give-Up Approach to Lead with Enthusiasm and Optimism and Improve Your Team and Culture. In the book P.J. shares a 3-part framework for putting the ideas into practice in your life, organization and team (The Oar, The Boat, The Compass). Here are 11 leadership / life lessons based the Row the Boat mentality:

The Oar
  1. The oar is the symbol of strength. It's the only thing that can take you from where you are to where you want to go. The great thing about the oar is you determine whether you put in the water or whether you take it out.
  2. If you don't think you can, nobody will get you there. If you think you can, you can get around others who think you can... and then you can.
  3. There’s good things and hard things to get through. There's no bad things. Only opportunistic situations.

The Boat
  1. The bigger your boat is the farther you can go. The more you give, and the more you serve, and the more you sacrifice the bigger your boat is going to get. Little boats sink in storms. Big boats float. Not only do they float, big boats take people farther.
  2. If you’re not willing to sacrifice for what you want, whoever is going to sacrifice more is going to get there. Someone who wants it more is going to pass you on the way to getting there.
  3. If you want to go far in life, make your life not about you. Make it about other people. Make it about serving and giving.

The Compass
  1. If you want to be extraordinary, you have to get around the extraordinary people. Who better to teach you about being extraordinary than the extraordinary.
  2. You can't see the future but you row in the present. You can't control the future but you can control aspects of the present.

Closing Thoughts
  1. The Row The Boat lifestyle is about never giving up and not allowing the circumstance to dictate your behavior.
  2. It’s finding a way to think optimistically about everything.
  3. Trained behavior becomes boring habits. Boring habits become elite instinct. The elite get to the elite instinct. The average stop in the boring habits because they lose interest.

Pre-order Row the Boat here and receive several bonus resources including a downloadable Action Plan and video masterclass replay to share with your team.

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