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April 13, 2015


The Power of Positivity

I felt as if I just won the lottery. My excitement was that of a scientist who finally made a discovery that validated all their years of work. I had always known that positivity improves our lives, careers, relationships and teams but now I had a greater understanding of why.

I discovered Barbara Fredrickson's Broaden-and-Build theory and research demonstrating that as people experience more positive emotions, they become more resilient to stress, develop a broader perspective that allows them to see the big picture and identify solutions, build more meaningful relationships and connections and flourish in their lives and careers.

Complimenting Fredrickson's theory is new research on optimism from Manju Puri and David Robinson at Duke University who found that optimistic people work harder, get paid more, win at sports more regularly, get elected to office more often and live longer!

Finally there was evidence that being positive is not just a nice, feel-good way to live but, in fact, is the way to live if you want better health, meaningful relationships and greater individual and team success.

This research explains all the emails and notes I receive from people who have flourished after reading The Energy Bus and The Positive Dog. Many have shared stories about their promotions, sales records, business growth and team success with me and I know it has nothing to do with me and everything to do with them. They cultivated a more positive perspective, experienced more positive emotions, took more positive actions, and achieved more positive results.

This research also explains why so many coaches, sports teams and businesses have experienced their best years after reading The Energy Bus. These individuals and teams cultivated more positivity, reduced negativity and became more optimistic, resilient and solution focused in the process.

The most exciting aspect of all this is that WE have the power to improve our lives, relationships and teams by cultivating and experiencing more positive thoughts and emotions. We have the power to influence how we think and feel and thus influence the direction of our careers.

We have the power to develop positivity within ourselves, and in the process, positively contribute to a team and organization. The more positivity we develop on the inside the stronger and resilient we become in facing the world on the outside. Positivity is a muscle and we can develop it.

The future belongs to those who believe in it and have the mindset, resilience, and perspective to overcome all the challenges in order to create it. There is a power of positivity. Let's start fueling up with it today!

In this spirit, I’m excited to announce that my publisher has created a new animated online training program for The Energy Bus to help individuals and teams fuel up with the power of positivity. Click here for more info to get a free copy of my book Soup.


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New Energy Bus Online Animated Training Program

Animated Energy BusI'm thrilled to announce that after several years of planning and production, my publisher has created an animated online training program for The Energy Bus. In this interactive course, you’ll follow the main character George's path from negativity to positivity, apply the Energy Bus rules to your life and career, enhance your positivity and create your own personalized action plan.

Positivity is a skill that we can develop and it is essential to enhance your life, work and team. That latest research demonstrates that positive leaders, organizations, and teams consistently outperform their competition, while organizational and individual negativity serve as one of the greatest threats to the success of any company. Now with just a few clicks you’ll be able to fuel up with the power of positive energy, overcome negativity and take the positive road to success.

SoupDesigned for both individuals and teams, if you sign up for more information today, you'll receive a free electronic copy of my book Soup: A Recipe to Nourish Your Team and Culture (a $22.95 value). No purchase is necessary. If you do decide you’re interested in purchasing for yourself and/or your organization, my publisher is offering a 50% OFF introductory discount. Both of these offers are available for a very limited time, so please act soon to take full advantage.

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For more information, Click Here.

Energy Bus

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