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5 Ways to Be Happier at Work - Article

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5 Ways to Be Happier at Work

As most of us head back to work this week I wanted to share some strategies to be happier at work. Summer may be in the rearview mirror but we can choose to fill our days and the rest of our year with positive energy. Here’s a tip for each day of the week.


Focus on "Get to" instead of "Have to" - While driving to work focus on what you "get to" do instead of what you "have to" do. With gratitude realize that you don't have to do anything. You get to go to a job while so many are unemployed. Gratitude floods your body and brain with emotions that uplift you and energize you rather than stress hormones that drain you.


Don’t Expect your Boss, Co-workers and Customers to Make you Happy - Realize that happiness is an inside job. Our happiness has less to do with forces outside of us and more to do with what's inside of us. The way we think about work, feel about work and approach our work influences our happiness at work. For instance, just by making yourself smile you produce more serotonin in the brain-which makes you feel happier. You'll also be happier when you focus on what you are giving instead of what you are getting.


Don’t Seek Happiness - Ironically if you want to be happier don't seek happiness. Instead share your strengths and decide to work with passion and purpose and happiness will find you. The research shows that people are most energized when they are using their strengths for a bigger purpose beyond themselves. Whatever your job, decide to bring passion to it and find purpose in it. I've met bus drivers, mortgage brokers, janitors and fast-food employees who are more passionate about their jobs and happier than some professional athletes making millions of dollars. Every job will get mundane and "old" if you let it but purpose and passion keep it fresh and make you happier.


Focus on Excellence instead of Success - When you focus on success you can easily fall into the trap of comparing yourself to others, looking over your shoulder, feeling envious, playing office politics, and competing against coworkers instead of collaborating. However, when you focus on excellence you measure yourself against your own growth and potential. You strive to be the best you can be. You simply focus on getting better every day and this makes work more meaningful and rewarding.


Celebrate Together - While we shouldn't depend on others to make us happy, by building a positive team or support group at work we will be happier. So instead of expecting others to make you happy, you proactively create the positive relationships that enhance your engagement, productivity and happiness. One great way to do this to huddle with your team/group at the end of the week and have each person share their accomplishments, victories, and great moments of the week. This will produce great feelings on Friday that inspire you and your team to come back to work and make a difference on Monday.

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The Energy Bus for Kids

Teacher Feedback

Below is an email we received from a teacher who is implementing The Energy Bus for Kids at her school. We hope her words inspire ideas for you and your kids / school as well.



Hi Jon,

I am Kathie Cink, 4th Grade teacher at Prairie View Elementary School in Cedar Rapids, IA.

The Energy Bus for KidsOne of my fellow teachers, Scott, took a picture of one of my student's drawings of her own Energy Bus. You saw it on Twitter just a few minutes ago. I read the book to my class at the beginning of the week and have been doing many activities with it's message! What you saw is just one activity.

Jon, I wanted to thank you for writing this book for teachers to use in the classroom. The impact your message is sending is phenomenal.

After I read the book this week, students were put into 5 groups (representing each rule.) Each group, as it rotated throughout the room, discussed each rule which I put on poster paper. They got to add their own thoughts and pictures to each of the rules. (This is a procedure I do with my class called "World Café".) Once we were done with each rule, discussing, and connecting with art work or words, then the groups presented their rule to the class, giving their own thoughts and connections. When we were discussing each poster, students were saying things like, "If the oil gets dirty, it needs to be changed, just like our attitudes. If our attitudes get bad, we have to change them." That's only one example.

Once we finished up with the discussions and presentations, the students got to draw and color their own buses. This is only one picture of one bus you have seen on the Twitter account. The buses and the posters are amazing!

I have shared The Energy Bus & The Energy Bus for Kids with my principal and other co-workers. They also love your books. So thank you, thank you, thank you! Our family has also read them!.

You have truly made a difference in my students' lives!

Kathie A.Cink, Prairie View School

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