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September 30, 2013


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5 C's to Build a Great Team

As I wrote in last week's newsletter positive, high performing teams don’t happen by accident. They are built and developed by leaders who focus on building a great team and team members who strive to be part of a great team. In this spirit I want to share 5 C’s leaders and teams can focus on to build a great team.

1. Communicate - Most teams, including teams at home, break down because of poor communication. As I wrote in Soup, where there is a void in communication negativity fills it. Frequent and positive communication fills the void and begins the process of building trust. You can’t have a great team without strong relationships and you can’t have strong relationships without great communication and trust. Leaders must communicate with team members individually and collectivity as a team and team members must enhance their communication with each other.

2. Connect - While communicating begins the process of building trust, connecting is what creates a bond of trust. Many teams communicate but the great ones also connect. (Tweet This) They form bonds of trust that strengthen relationships and the team. They go deeper, below the surface level of communication, and communicate and connect in a more intimate and powerful way. Getting to know your team members, being vulnerable, sharing experiences together, facing challenges together, and working on projects together are a few ways to connect.

3. Commitment - Without communication, connection and commitment your team will not perform at a high level. Communication and connection build the trust that generates the commitment that fosters the teamwork that delivers results. Great teams are not only committed to doing great work. They are also committed to each other. They put the team first and are willing to serve and sacrifice for the benefit of the team.

4. Care - When you care you give a little more time, a little more effort, a little more energy, and a little more love to the things and the people you care about. You may be a good team but to be a great team I encourage you to care just a little more. Care about the work you do and how it contributes to the team. Care about the people you work with. Care about the mission of your team. Those who care build great things that others care about. (Tweet This)

5. Contagious Energy - Of course I’m talking about contagious positive energy. Great teams are filled with positive energy and it’s important for each person on the team to know that they are contagious. If you’re moody your negative energy is contagious and makes it hard for others to trust and feel comfortable around you. If you are positively contagious you make everyone around you better. There’s no "i" in team but there are two "i" in positive. This means "I" must be positive to be my best and "I" must be positive to help my team be our best. As a team member you can be a germ or a big dose of vitamin C to your team. Choose to be positively contagious.

*I want to invite you to join me for The Power of a Positive Team tele-seminar where I will expand on these 5 C's with stories, simple, powerful steps, and best practices you and your team can implement to become a more positive and powerful team. It's a free tele-seminar but only available to the first 3000 people who register. Each person who registers will receive a free recording if you can't make it live. You can register here.



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