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The Best Advice I've Ever Heard

Dr. James Gills accomplished the remarkable feat of completing two triathlons back to back. Most of the world, including me, couldn't complete one triathlon, never mind two. Yet, Dr. James Gills, a man in his fifties, was able to complete a double triathlon six times.

When asked how he did it, he gave the best advice I've ever heard.

He said, "I’ve learned to talk to myself instead of listen to myself."

He continued, "If I listen to myself I hear all the reasons why I should give up. I hear that I'm too tired-too old-too weak to make it. But if I talk to myself I can give myself the encouragement and words I need to hear to keep running and finish the race."

It's the same way with life.

Too often we listen to ourselves and hear all the complaints, self-doubt, fear and negativity that lead to unhappiness, failure and unfulfilled goals.

But instead of listening to the negative we can choose to feed ourselves with the positive. We can fuel up with words, thoughts, phrases, scripture and beliefs that give us the strength and power to overcome our challenges and create an extraordinary life, career and team.

Just keep running, stay positive, talk to yourself instead of listen to yourself and make sure you celebrate and raise your hands in the air when you’ve reached your destination!

Do you need to talk yourself instead of listen to yourself? If you do feed yourself with encouragement what do you say? Share your thoughts on my blog, Facebook, or Twitter.



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Advice for Graduates

As someone who has been the beneficiary of great advice I want to share some advice for graduates...

Congratulations Graduate! I know the media says the job market is horrible but don’t listen to the negative news. Sure, companies may no longer hire just anyone, but they will hire you if you are an exceptional someone. If you have talent and a great work ethic you'll always be in demand. Those who settle for mediocrity will no longer cut it in today’s world. But if you improve every day and pursue excellence with passion and purpose you will truly thrive. I want to encourage you to believe in yourself and trust there are great opportunities for you! If you are optimistic about the future, you will take actions to create it! If your positivity is greater than all the negativity and challenges you face, your future will be extraordinary.

Share this paragraph above with a graduate you know!



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