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Why Leadership Fails

Leadership fails when leaders fail to develop leaders in their organization.

It’s a common challenge I see in many organizations. Leaders are so busy and stressed with their own to do lists that they don’t make the time to invest in developing leaders on their team and in their organization.

As a result, they get subpar leadership and subpar results throughout the organization…. except where you have a naturally gifted leader or a leader that has developed themselves by reading books, learning from mentors or attending trainings. But these are outliers, not the norm.

I’ve noticed that even when leaders aren’t busy and stressed, they also fail to develop leaders on their team and in their organization because A) They don’t realize how important it is or B) They don’t have the frameworks, resources, tools and strategies to develop their leaders.

This is why many organizations lose their culture and success at the midlevel of their organizations. Leaders at the top aren’t modeling great leadership and they aren’t cascading leadership down throughout their organization.

Great leaders’ model great leadership and they coach and develop others to lead well. It requires time, energy and attention but it’s well worth the effort.

Having worked with and learned from many of the great leaders of our time I’ve seen what it looks like when leadership succeeds, and I’ve seen what it looks like when leadership fails.

That’s why I’m doing this free leadership webinar May 21st. I’m going to share the frameworks, tools, strategies and resources that you can use to develop leaders on your team and in your organization.

I hope you join me! Sign up here!

Investing in your own growth and the growth of your leaders will ensure that your leadership and your leaders succeed!

– Jon

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Why Leaders FAIL Their Teams

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