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When you Snooze you Win!

Whoever said when you snooze you lose never ate at Snooze the Am Eatery.

I was walking around Kierland Mall in Scottdale, Arizona getting ready to speak in a few hours to all the leaders at Troon when I came upon a place called Snooze.

I was actually going to be speaking to the managers and leaders of Snooze in a few weeks and had never been in one of their restaurants and thought how fortuitous and perfect this was. I always like to experience the companies I speak to, when possible, but unfortunately there aren’t any Snooze’s in Florida.

I have an allergy to eggs and so it usually makes it challenging for me to eat at breakfast places. I was hungry and knew I needed something to sustain me until after my talk with Troon that day. I walked to the bar and Natalia was so helpful in letting me create my own bowl of rice, grass fed corned beef hash and avocado. It was literally one of the best breakfasts I’ve ever had with the best service I’ve ever had.

When I was finished eating, I told Natalia, who was the manager, that I was actually speaking at their leadership event in a few weeks and now had a great story to tell.

At the Snooze meeting filled with corporate leaders, restaurant managers and chefs of 75 locations I got the chance to share my positive experience with them and discovered that that their amazing food, excellent service, and Natalia’s actions were an expression of their incredible culture and values.

I just love it when you can see a culture in action. It’s one thing to talk about culture and read about culture but when you see and experience a culture it’s truly special. Eating at Snooze and then meeting the Snoozers and hearing them talk about their core principles and values I saw the power of alignment. What they talk about in the boardrooms and meeting rooms is lived and shared in their restaurants.

When your actions align with your values and words you live with power and generate amazing results.

A culture that is lived and breathed and experienced draws people to it and that’s why when a business with a great culture opens a new location people flock to it. Or when a leader who builds a great culture is hired or promoted to a new job, they continue to attract great people and talent.

When I travel to a city to speak, I now look to see if they have a Snooze near my hotel. I even try to stay near a Snooze when possible. I’m a customer like everyone else and am drawn to great cultures that deliver great products and services. I love seeing alignment in action.

So be like Snooze. Get aligned. Snooze =Align.

When you Snooze your Win!