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What Is Culture?

I am often asked to define “culture” and here’s my definition:

Culture is the living breathing essence of what an organization values, believes, thinks, says and does. 

Culture isn’t one thing. It’s everything. 

Culture is not one person. It’s everyone.

Culture is not static. It’s dynamic. 

Every day, everyone in your organization creates your culture by what they value, believe, think, say and do. 

Regardless of what your culture was like last year or even yesterday, what matters most is what you are doing today to build your culture and make it great. 

This past Thursday and Friday I had the honor and opportunity to speak to the Colorado Rockies entire organization. From the Owner, President, GM, Manager and Dominican coaches to athletic trainers, equipment managers, ticket sales, tech, etc. It’s rare for a professional sports team to bring everyone in the organization together, but the Rockies have a rare, special culture filled with amazing people. 

As I gave talks on Creating your Competitive Advantage and the Power of a Positive Team, it occurred to me how important it was that everyone in the organization was learning the same principles and practices for enhanced mindset, leadership and teamwork at the same time.

Shared learning experiences like this create a common bond, a common understanding, a common language, and common practices, that reinforce and strengthen the culture and lead to collective growth.

While I’m a big believer of diversity of people, diversity of thought, diversity of ideas and diversity of innovative strategies in an organization, it’s essential to connect and unite around a set of common principles, practices and core values.

For a culture to be strong, everyone in an organization must know what they stand for and live these shared principles and core values.

When a diverse group of people know and show their values consistently together, they are well on their way to creating a culture of greatness and creating great results.

Culture is created and you and your team can create a great culture starting today by what you value, believe, think, say and ultimately do. 

Start by getting together and ask, “What do we stand for and what do we want to be known for?”

Then decide how you will live it and show it.

For the rest of the plan, I suggest attending my Day of Development and/or have me speak at your next organizational gathering

Here’s proof that it makes a difference:

“We were fortunate to have Jon Gordon speak to our entire organization at our 30th Anniversary Summit, and he hit it out of the park. He shared wisdom, stories and lessons that brought the principles from his books clearly to life while addressing our challenges and providing transformative and practical solutions. From top to bottom as an organization we were challenged, encouraged, and inspired.” 

 – Greg Feasel, President/Chief Operating Officer, Colorado Rockies

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