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What Are You Excited About?

2023 was the busiest and most challenging year of my life, but it was also the most rewarding. I did 97 speaking engagements, tons of podcasts and zooms, published The One Truth and shared the message with anyone who would listen.

Despite all the travel, late nights, early mornings, and pouring out every ounce of energy I had for others, I didn’t get sick at all. I thought I was superman. That was until Christmas when I got a gift of kryptonite in the form of the worst sinus infection of my life that lasted two weeks and truly knocked me down.

It was like my body finally exhaled. When I told my friend I was sick, he said don’t say sick. Say your body is healing and getting rid of the toxins in it.

As we know, when you are sick or healing you slow down and when I slow down, I often think a lot. As bad as I felt, what made me feel better was thinking about what I was looking forward to, what I hoped for and what I was excited about in 2024. Make sure you read to the end.

I thought about two new books I have coming out in the spring. Energy Bus for Schools and Difficult Conversations Don’t have to be Difficult.

On the days I was so sick, I literally thought about my funeral, I also thought about Jon Gordon Certified and how it will multiply the mission to develop positive leaders and teams around the world. It’s going to be exciting to equip leaders with the tools and frameworks to help their leaders be better leaders, and provide trainers, speakers and coaches with the resources, keynotes and workshops to elevate the mindset, leadership and teamwork of others. 100 people got certified this fall and our goal is to have 500 life changers join our team this year.

On the days I couldn’t even get out of bed I thought about playing more pickleball (I’m good but want to be great) and golf (I’m bad but want to be good). I got my new Titleist golf clubs and am excited to finally work on my game this year.

Speaking of Titleist, I got excited about speaking to them this week at their annual kick off meeting for my first event of 2024 and I’m excited about all the company’s, organizations and events that have already booked me to speak this year. I know this is my mission and I’m excited about all the great people and organizations I’ll get to meet and encourage this year.

As I took walks this past week to try to clear my lungs, I thought about our upcoming Day of Development events (virtual and in person) and envisioned tons of leaders bringing their teams with them to bond together and enhance their mindset, leadership and teamwork.

I also got excited about our new Energy Bus for Schools Certified Trainer program. Educators will now be able to get certified to deliver our energy bus workshops and keynotes in schools so the positive energy ripple effect will be exponential and incredible. Email to learn more.

There were so many other things I got excited about including my family, team, etc. and as I write this it occurred to me that just like when we are sick, when we are going through a challenging time, we need to remain excited and hopeful about what we are working on and creating.

We often think that we will get excited about life when our life is exciting, but I’ve found the key is to get excited about life and then you will create a life that is exciting.

So, let me ask you, what are you excited about? What do you hope for? What are you looking forward to?

If you aren’t sure, start thinking about it. If you can’t think of anything then create something. Decide to do one thing this year that excites you. Choose one thing you can look forward to.

This will keep you going on the days you don’t feel like getting out of bed and encourage you when your circumstances drain your energy.

I’m excited that you are reading this, and that we are on this journey together.

Let’s get excited, believe the best is yet to come and then create an exciting life.

I appreciate you,

– Jon

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