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The Problem with Anger

I spoke at a large event in Dallas this past week. One of the speakers who spoke before me told the audience that you have to get angry in order to be successful and that anger should drive you. Most of the men in the audience cheered. They loved hearing this, and they loved him for saying it.

It occurred to me that a large majority of people today are drawn to angry speakers, angry commentators arguing on television, and angry messages because they feel powerless, and anger gives you a feeling of power. It’s why so many men who have been hurt and wounded in their past love it.

Anger gives you fuel that transforms depression and helplessness into energy and action. You no longer feel like a victim, and it feels better to be angry than sitting on your couch feeling fearful and sorry for yourself.

The problem with anger is it’s like steroids of the soul. You think you need it because it makes you feel better, but it’s temporary and doesn’t last. Like a drug, you have to keep returning to it to feel powerful and have an edge, but like a drug, it’s actually destroying you on the inside.

Anger fuels your past hurts and wounds. It doesn’t heal them. And unfortunately, anger prevents you from healing. While it makes you feel less like a victim, you are still victimizing yourself with it.

So, if anger isn’t the solution, what is?

Love is the answer. Love is what heals and restores you. Love is more powerful than fear. Love is the most powerful force in the universe. Love sustains you, drives you, and provides you with the real power to create sustained success.

While I know this is the truth, I also know that for many, it’s hard to move from anger to love. They have been addicted to the drug of anger for so long; they don’t know how to live and fuel themselves without it. They also fear that if they gave up their anger, they would lose their edge and the source of what makes them successful.

They hold onto their drug instead of finding freedom and healing with love.

However, if you can and are willing to take a leap of faith from anger to love, you will find greater power, deeper healing, and more success than you can imagine.

When it was my turn to speak, I told the audience the previous speaker was wrong about anger. I said hate and anger will never make you great.

Greatness is built with love, and that which is built with love endures.

Sending love your way today,


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