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The Brain is an Antenna

I was walking one day when I received one of those downloads I get, that often lead to a new book, and it said that the brain is an antenna. I had been thinking about how thoughts work, and trying to figure out why people with mental health issues experience more negative thoughts and not positive thoughts? Why is overthinking always associated with negative thoughts? We never say we have too many positive thoughts. Too much gratitude and goodness!

If no one has ever found a thought inside of a brain, then what is the relationship between brain health and mental health? Why does a healthy brain lead to more positive thoughts, whereas an unhealthy brain leads to more negative thoughts. What is the mechanism where thoughts and the brain interface interconnect?

Once I realized the brain is an antenna it all became clear. We have 86 billion neurons in our brain and each neuron has a transmitter and receiver. An antenna is a device designed to transmit and/or receive signals within a certain frequency range. Our brain tunes into two main frequencies: Positive and Negative. It’s why everything comes down to positive and negative in this reality we experience.

I believe this understanding is groundbreaking, revolutionary and if accepted by the scientific and medical community it will lead to the transformation of our mental health system and bring forth new innovative and life changing treatments.

I’ve had several neuroscientists, psychiatrists and experts on my Positive U Podcast, and I’ve shared my belief and theory with them and not one of them could refute this. In fact, I believe the work of Dr. Daniel AmenChris Palmer, author of Brain Energy and Dr. Caroline Leaf supports what I wrote in The One Truth.

The One Truth explains that everything comes down to oneness and separateness and as we move from oneness to separateness we move from positive to negative. It’s why all mental health disorders report feelings of being alone, isolated, disconnected and separate which leads to more negative thoughts and depression.

It’s why the root for the Greek word for “anxious” means to separate and divide.

Negative thoughts separate and divide and being divided produces more negative thoughts. It’s why terms such as schizophrenia (split mind) and bi-polar (two poles) refer to separation, not unity.

The more we tune into negative thoughts, such as fear, worry, doubt, jealousy, hopelessness, and unworthiness, these thoughts negatively affect our antenna, which causes it to tune into and receive more negative thoughts which leads to further separation.

When we tune into positive thoughts such as love, hope, confidence, faith, optimism, and belief, we tune into a higher frequency and nourish our brain, creating a strong and healthy antenna that tunes into more positive thoughts which leads to connection.

The software (thoughts) we run on our hardware affects the hardware (brain), and our hardware determines the frequency it tunes into. Lower‐quality software and hardware lead to separation and illness, but optimal software and hardware lead to wholeness and health.

My theory explains the connection between drug use, chemicals, certain medications, food colorings, excessive sugar, cannabis, alcohol, and depression and mental health. When someone does drugs or eats foods that create inflammation in the brain or damages the mitochondria (the energy factories in each cell) along with the communication pathways, neuron connections, and the antenna, this leads to tuning into lower‐ frequency thoughts. This explains why a college student who was having tons of anxiety told me that a few days after he drinks and smokes pot on the weekend, he feels depressed, disconnected and purposeless.

My theory also explains why certain foods like wild caught salmon have been shown to reduce and even eliminate depression. As you eat foods containing things like omega‐3s that are responsible for providing your body with healthy fats and energy that build a healthy brain, your brain’s antenna works better and tunes into a higher frequency. It’s why certain foods negatively affect our antenna as well.

My theory explains why cognitive behavior therapy has been shown to be effective in improving mental health. As we have more positive thoughts and tune into a higher frequency, we take more positive actions and create an upward cycle.

As I wrote my latest book The One Truth, it became clear to me that the reason why all my books and talks about positivity helped so many people and teams over the years was because I was helping them TUNE into a positive frequency that uplifted and united them instead of the negative frequency that divided and weakened them.

It’s why taking thank you walks each morning turned my own life around 21 years ago. Rather than tuning into stress I was tuned into gratitude and feeling blessed.

So, what does this mean for you going forward?

What you eat, drink and think matters!

Your brain is an Antenna.

What you TUNE into matters!

Each day you can TUNE into the Positive or Negative.

I want to encourage you to TUNE into the Positive and read The One Truth for essential ways to nourish your antenna and create daily practices that uplift your mind, soul and brain each day. This will have a huge impact on your wholeness and mental well-being.