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You’ve most likely heard of ROI which means Return on Investment. Most businesses and organizations focus on it when discussing budgets and investing in new initiatives, programs, technology, infrastructure, etc. 

ROI is definitely important but I believe focusing on our Return on Investment in People is even more important. 

Too many organizations and leaders think of their employees as an expense and liability rather than an investment. 

Zig Ziglar brilliantly said “Leaders often worry and ask what if we spend all this money training people and they leave? But the bigger question is what if we don’t train them and they stay.” : ) 

As someone who has worked with the best companies and cultures on the planet it’s clear they all invest in their people and know it’s their number one priority. After all, it’s not the numbers and goals that drive the people but rather the people who drive the numbers and achieve the goals. 

We must invest in our people and our relationships at work. When we do teamwork improves, connections are strengthened, commitment levels go up and performance soars. 

As a leader, teacher, coach, or manager, you will never regret making the the time to invest in your people. Parents, this goes for your kids as well. 

In fact when you make the time to mentor, coach, guide, teach, help, support and invest in people you will see the incredible returns it delivers in their lives and yours. 


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