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When Dabo Swinney’s Clemson Football team won the national championship in 2016, he said that his One Word all year was Love and he told his team their love for each other would be the difference.

When the Denver Nuggets won the NBA championship this year, the players all talked about their cohesive relationships and love for each other as the keys to their success.

When Notre Dame Lacrosse Coach, Kevin Corrigan, was asked what the difference was in winning his first National Championship in Notre Dame’s 42 year history vs experiencing heart break in his previous 5 championship weekend appearances, he said, “Love”.

Coach Corrigan shared how I visited his team in South Bend before they traveled to the Final 4 and told them, “When you’re feeling nervous, fear and trepidation, just remember, the thing that drives out fear the best is love. Just love what you’re doing. Love the fact that you’re here. Love that you have these guys that you love and that are with you. If you concentrate on that, the fear and the trepidation go away”.

It’s a message I shared in The One Truth and one that I’ve been sharing a lot with many pro and college athletes, high performers in business and anyone dealing with fear as they strive to accomplish a goal.

It’s my number one performance tool, mental toughness strategy and team building approach.

Love casts out fear and when you love performing instead of fearing failure you will perform at a higher level. When you love competing and stop worrying about making a mistake, you will have more confidence and courage.

When you love your team, you become stronger together. A team that loves each other will fight for each other instead of against each other. When adversity hits, the team will run towards each other instead of away from each other.

Where fear divides, love unites. Love creates connection and oneness, and this leads to power and strength.

Love is the difference!

– Jon


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