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Great Teams Do This

You’ve likely heard me talk about sports teams when sharing the principles and practices of great teams, but over the years I’ve also been fascinated with the team dynamics of musical bands. 

What makes a band stay together and why do so many fall apart? 

How does a group of individual musical artists join together to create a collective sound that impacts people at a deep, emotional level?

There is magic in music and yet the same principles and practices that make a great sports, business and education team, also help a band unite together and stay together. 

This was confirmed in my recent podcast with one of my favorite bands NEEDTOBREATHE. They shared with me how they think of their band as a team and intentionally focus on their team dynamics, in order to be their best. 

One key practice they do, that all great teams do, is have meaningful, and sometimes hard, conversations about the team. 

Why are we still doing this? What do we want to get out this? How do we want to show up for others? What’s our vision and mission? How can we get better? What’s keeping us from being our best? What mindset do we need to be successful?

The questions are endless, and the answers and clarity provided are priceless. 

To be a great team (work team and home team) you’ll want to make time for team conversations. Sometimes these conversations are difficult at first but the more you do them, the better you and your team will get at them…and the less difficult they will become. 

When you make these team conversations a part of your team culture you create more clarity, connection, commitment and focus. You build a stronger team over time that sticks together and does great work together. 

For a guide to help you with your team conversations, check out Difficult Conversations Don’t Have To Be Difficult, which comes out in May. 

To listen to my insightful interview with the band NEEDTOBREATHE that will help all types of teams visit here


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