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Energy Bus for Schools

We all know the problem!

Negativity, low morale, burnout, division and apathy affect far too many schools and sabotage our children’s education and future.

We have seen the solutions!

Over the years we have learned from many of the best school leaders and have witnessed how they have implemented their proven solutions.

Now Everyone Can Have the Solutions

In The Energy Bus for Schools, we gathered the best principles, success stories, innovative ideas and solutions in order to share a blueprint to create a school where teachers and students thrive!

We wrote it for educators, but it’s really for anyone who cares about our kids’ education and wants to improve our schools. Each chapter contains 10-20 strategies that school leaders will be able to put into practice right now!

Support the Mission!

We hope you will get a copy or several copies to support our mission to improve our schools, energize teachers and positively impact students!

Order one or more copies!

Receive a free action plan and group coaching call!

When you order one or more books you get a free action plan along with access to a free coaching call where we will share strategies to energize your school and teachers.

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