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Consistency Compounds

I spoke at an event a few months ago with John Maxwell. While sitting at the table together, I asked him, “John when I came to visit you years ago at Maximum Impact I was in my thirties, and you were in your late fifties. You were well known but not like you are now. You’ve become iconic. What is the key?”

He looked at me and said in his deep compelling voice, “Consistency compounds.”

It’s a great lesson and message for all of us. Being consistent over time produces incredible results.

At fifty-three, I’m in the best shape of my adult life. How did I do it? I do a full body workout every three days. I walk every day and I eat healthy, most of the time. Did it happen overnight? No. It happened one walk, one set at a time, over time.

Consistency compounds.

I’ve written 30 books, (2 are coming out this spring.) Did I do this because I’m smarter than others? Of course not. So often, people ask me if I have a ghost writer. I must not look smart enough to write a book. 🙂 The reason I’ve been able to write many books is because when I’m writing one, I wake up each morning and write before I do anything else. Then I edit what I wrote before I go to bed and do this every day until the book is written. Doing this each year over time has led to 30 books.

Consistency compounds.

You don’t have to be great or special to produce great results. You just have to be consistent and consistently improve. You just have to keep showing up each day, do the work, and get better.

This newsletter started with 5 people. My mother, brother and a few friends. Now after writing and sharing it each Monday since 2002 we have over 500k subscribers and I’m thankful, you are one of them.

Consistency compounds.

In your life and profession how can you be more consistent? What is it that you want to focus on? Make a commitment to take consistent action and start the compounding process today and you’ll reap the benefits of this compounding in the future.

– Jon

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