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Are You a Real Team?

There’s a difference between being on a team and being a real team.

  • People who are on a team focus on their own goals.
  • People who are part of a real team focus on team goals first and their individual goals second.

  • Individuals on a team are committed to getting better and improving themselves.
  • Individuals who are part of a real team are not only committed to getting better, they are also committed to each other and the team.

  • When you are on a team, you think about how the team can serve your desires.
  • When you are part of a real team, your desire is to serve the team.

  • When you are on a team, communication isn’t a priority.
  • When you are a real team, communication is essential to build trust, commitment and teamwork.

  • When you are on a team, you care.
  • When you are a real team, you care more.

  • On a team, your time is more important than your team.
  • A real team makes time with the team a priority.

  • On a team, trust, love and respect are not often discussed or cultivated.
  • A real team focuses on building trust, sharing love and showing respect and ingrain them into everything they do.

  • On a team, people fight, and the fighting hurts the team because they don’t have trust and love.
  • A real team also fights, but the fighting makes the team stronger because they have trust and love. They grow from their disagreements.

  • On a team, not everyone is on the bus.
  • A real team has everyone on the bus with a shared vision, focus and purpose.

  • On a team, there’s a lack of leadership.
  • A real team has strong leaders who develop other leaders.

  • People on a team have an ego to want to be great.
  • People who are part of a real team also have an ego to want to be great, but they give up their ego to serve their team and a bigger cause in order to be great.

So, how about your team? Are you just on a team or are you a real team?

I encourage you to gather your team together, read this newsletter, and honestly ask each member of the team what they think. Then discuss ways you can grow stronger, as a team.

Here are a few suggestions: 

– Jon


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