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Adding Value

Wherever I go and whatever I do I want to add value. I want to leave people, conversations and places better because I was there.

It’s why I started writing this newsletter in 2002. I was working to become a more positive husband, father, leader and person and began sharing ideas and tips that worked for me. If they worked for me, I hoped they would help others as well.

Whether you have been receiving my newsletter for a while or just started receiving it, I want to thank you for being on this journey with me!

You likely have noticed that in the last few years we have been promoting more events, trainings and now certifications.

I want to share my heart with you and let you know that the purpose behind these new initiatives, is to continue to add value and make a bigger impact.

After I wrote The Energy Bus at the age of 35, I mostly wrote books and spoke around the country.

I loved it and still love doing it, but a few years ago I realized I was called to do more.

Even though my life would become more challenging doing it, I was supposed to create opportunities for others to learn, implement, share and teach the frameworks, principles and practices that had helped millions of people and have impacted businesses, schools, sports teams and numerous organizations.

At 53, I realize that God willing, I have 25 to 30 years left. Or if I reach my optimistic goal of making it to 100, I have 47 years :)

I don’t have a lot of time, but every day I ask myself what I want to do with this time. And the answer is, I want to add value, impact others, develop positive leaders around the world, help millions have a more positive mindset and help leaders build stronger teams.

I’m just one person. I can’t do it alone, but it can be done if we create and host events that allow leaders and their teams to learn these strategies and take them back to their organizations and families.

This is why I created A Day of Development!

We can also multiply the mission, if I pour into people who want to lead and train others and do this work with me.

This is why I created my Jon Gordon Certified and Mentorship Program as well as Energy Bus for Schools Certified.

Certification is all about giving people the tools, resources, support and programs to share these frameworks and partner together to elevate our people, teams and organizations.

I realize not everyone wants to or can attend our events or get certified. I completely understand. There is no pressure ever to do so.

I simply share our event and certification opportunities with this community, as ways to add greater value to your life, work and team.

If I can add value to you and equip you with ways to add values to others, we can multiply the value and mission and make a big impact together.

Judging from the feedback and impact so far, we are on the right track and are only just getting started!

I’m so excited about investing in the growth of others and can’t wait to see all that everyone accomplishes.

I hope you stay along for the ride with me because the best is yet to come!