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6 Myths About Positive Leadership

Whenever I speak about Positive Leadership someone will usually ask a question that exposes the common preconceived notions about Positive Leadership. In this spirit, here are the most common myths about Positive Leadership.

1 – People mistakenly think Positive Leadership is about rah-rah and motivation, but it’s really about optimism, grit, and building great relationships to help your team overcome challenges and succeed. Positive Leaders lead from their essence of optimism, integrity and care and share this essence with others regardless of whether they are an introvert or extrovert. 

2 – People roll their eyes when they hear the term “Positive Leadership”. They think it’s soft, weak and annoying. The truth is Positive Leadership is about being mentally tough and delivering hard results. It attracts the right people to your team and organization. Positive Leadership is only annoying to energy vampires who don’t like the light. 

3 – Positive Leadership gets a bad rap because people assume it’s about Pollyanna thinking. They will ask, “What about dealing with reality?” I always respond that Positive Leadership is not about ignoring reality, it’s about maintaining optimism and belief in order to create a better reality. 

4 – Too many people think you have to choose between positivity and winning. They think positivity may be a nice way to lead, but it’s not a serious way to lead. The truth is, you don’t have to choose. Positive Leadership leads to winning. It’s the way to lead if you want to win. Just ask the Los Angeles Dodgers and Rams, Clemson Football, The Miami Heat, The Tampa Bay Lightning and many other teams I’ve worked with that embrace positive leadership, and win. Ask Alan Mulally, one of the greatest leaders in history, who defined his leadership style as Positive Leadership.

5 – Far too many think that Positive Leaders ignore the negative and pretend everything is positive. The truth is, Positive Leaders are the ones who confront the negative in order to transform it and create a positive, connected and committed team. Positive Leaders believe in addressing and transforming the negative in order to create positive outcomes. They address the wrong to make things right. 

6 – Critics assume Positive Leaders don’t hold people accountable. The truth is, they are demanding just not demeaning. They encourage and challenge their team. They set a standard and then love them and hold them accountable in order to meet the standard.

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