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5 Myths About Mindset

The word mindset seems to be on everyone’s mind these days. Everywhere I turn I see a new mindset book, video, and post from a new “expert” offering advice on mindset.

I think it’s great that more people realize the importance of mindset, however, the downside is that there are more myths being perpetuated that hold people back and prevent them from elevating their mind and life to the next level.

While I share a bunch of mindset myths in my new book, The One Truth, for this article I want to share 5 common misunderstandings and myths I see being shared.

Myth 1: People are Afraid of Success

This couldn’t be farther from the truth. We are not afraid of success. We want success. We love success. The truth is that many don’t feel like they deserve success because they feel unworthy. And because they feel unworthy, they are afraid of failing while striving for success because failure will reinforce their unworthiness. People are not afraid of success. They are afraid of failing while striving for success.

Myth 2: Pressure is a Privilege

I hear the phrase “pressure is a privilege” often. While thinking of pressure as a privilege versus a hindrance is certainly a move in a positive direction, it’s still not true. The truth is that pressure means you are believing the lie that anything outside you can impact how you feel. Pressure is believing that a circumstance can make you feel a certain way when it’s your state of mind that determines how you feel, not the circumstance. Believing in pressure bolsters the lie. Knowing the truth makes you more powerful. For example, a successful NFL field goal kicker told me he doesn’t focus on the circumstance. He focuses on kicking the ball through the goalpost. If he misses, he knows his life will be just fine.

Myth 3: You Should Analyze your Negative Thoughts

Counterfeit money experts don’t study all the fake money in the world. They study real money so well that they can easily spot the fakes. When you understand that negative thoughts are not coming from you initially and are lies then you’ll realize why analyzing them is a waste of time. If you believe your negative thoughts are coming from you, ask yourself, who would ever choose to have a negative thought? Negative thoughts are lies that tell you things about yourself and your future that aren’t true. They tell you that you are not enough and that your future is hopeless, and you’re a failure. Negative thoughts make you feel weak, insecure and powerless. Since I don’t hang out with liars then why would I want to spend time with negative thoughts that are lies. Instead, I spend a lot more time with the truth, and this leads to clarity. I’ll be sharing a lot more about this in my free “Master your Mind” webinar this Thursday November 30th!

Myth 4: Perfectionism is a Positive Trait

Perfectionism and unworthiness are two sides of the same coin. Because a perfectionist feels unworthy, they strive to create perfect outcomes to feel worthy and validated. Their identity is tied to their performance rather than their intrinsic value. As a result, they fear failure and work hard to avoid it because a poor outcome will lead to negative belief about who they are.

Myth 5: Your Mindset is Found in the Brain

I’ve asked neuroscientists and no one has ever found a thought inside of a brain. Thoughts are spiritual. “Psyche” means soul. Your mind is part of your soul. Your mind is not your brain. Your mind is the software and system that operates your brain. Your brain is the hardware and antenna with 86 billion neurons and a transmitter and receiver on each neuron. Most who talk about mindset and even most neuroscientists have become solely focused on the brain while ignoring the mind and how thoughts really work. Once you understand how thoughts work and how the mind, thoughts, and brain work together then you truly can master your mind.

I wrote about this in The One Truth, and I’ll be explaining all of this on my Master Your Mind webinar this Thursday, November 30th at Noon est. I hope you will join me. I’m making it free for everyone.

  – Jon