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21 Lessons from The Positive Summit

1. Before you go to bed, celebrate your success of the day. Identify one great thing about your day; one great conversation, accomplishment, thing that made you smile, or win that made you proud. Focus on your success and you’ll look forward to creating more success tomorrow! – Jon Gordon

2. The secret to a fulfilling life is to figure out who you are, what dreams light you up, what you care deeply about, and then unashamedly live as your truest, most authentic self in spite of what everyone around you is doing or saying.  – Graham Cochrane

3. In the pot of boiling water called life… we have three choices. We can be like a carrot that goes in hard and becomes soft, or like the egg that goes in soft but becomes hard, or we can be like the coffee bean that changes the pot of boiling water. Be the Coffee Bean! – Damon West

4. Don’t just visualize the outcome. Visualize the steps to get you to the outcome as well. – Rachel Luna

5. Sometimes God needs to do something IN you before He can do something WITH you. – Jordan Montgomery 

6. We don’t have to think the same things, believe the same things, or vote the same way… unity isn’t that we are all the same. Unity is that we come together despite our our differences. – Chris Singleton

7. When you have purpose, when you live for something bigger than you, you have greater strength to overcome the challenges you face. – Jonathan Issac

8. If you can worry, you can wonder. If you can doubt, you can dominate. If you can spin, you can soar. You can turn overthinking from a super problem to a super power. – Jon Acuff

9. The best of the best don’t just focus on achievement. The best of the best focus on getting better every day. – Molly Fletcher

10. It’s not winning and losing. It’s momentum and learning. No fear. Just go for it! – David Nurse

11. If you want to achieve what most people don’t, do the things that most people are unwilling to do. – Ben Newman 

12. The pain you’ve gone through is NOT for nothing. God has been preparing you for the life He is creating for you. – Candy Valentino

13. Define Your MINS, your Most Important NEXT Step. Break your task down into small actions to help you accomplish your bigger goal. Small actions create big results over time. – Brandon Turner

14. Communication is not just being understood, it’s also understanding. – Erwin McManus

15. If you want to be a better communicator, to be better at influencing others, you have to start with the heart. Connect to their heart then talk to their mind. – Pete Vargas

16. If you do not ask, you do not get. Have the courage to ask for the things you want in life. – Phil Jones

17. The Formula for R.E.A.L. Success = Relationships, you have to cultivate great relationships. Encourage, you have to encourage yourself and others. Authentic, be authentic… be yourself. Legacy, be intentional about leaving a legacy that positively impacts those around you. – Kathryn Gordon

18. You can use the power of your mind to help heal your body. What you THINK impacts how you feel. – Josh Axe

19. Surround yourself with people who will speak the truth to you in love. – Alli Webb

20. Changing your life doesn’t start with HOW. It should start with WHO. WHO do you have to become to be WHO you want to be? – Justin Roethlingshoefer

21. If you’re feeling helpLESS, the antidote is to get more helpFUL. – Ed Mylett

– Jon

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