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Please know that we do not sell Jon’s books directly. Books are sold via retailers. We do have several retail partners who may be able to offer you discounted rates. If you are looking for 25 or less units, Amazon may end up being the best bet with their free shipping and rapid delivery. If it’s more than 25 units, here are a few options to connect with (listed in no order of preference):

Books-A-Million = 866-288-9231

Bulk Books:

Porchlight = Aaron Schleicher at 414-220-4459 /

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A lot. : ) You can view them all at – If you have a specific question relating to books, just complete the contact form above.

Yes. He hosts his own Day of Development events as well as The Positive Summit. He also speaks at a number of public events hosted by others. You can find a list of his upcoming events here.

Because Jon receives tons of requests like this weekly and doesn’t have the bandwidth to personally answer everyone’s questions he created a free webinar where he addresses just about everything you would ask him if he met with you for lunch. Watch it here.

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