Daily journal to help you transform your life by structuring your thoughts around success

Success Journal: A Daily Practice for Positivity, Resilience, and Growth is a daily, lined journal where readers can write down their success of the day, shift their nighttime focus from negativity to positivity, and thereby create more success and opportunities in their lives. This resource is inspired by the legendary Bart Connor, who credited his overcoming a torn bicep muscle to win two gold medals at the 1984 Olympics to his parents asking him about his success of the day as a child.

Since hearing Bart Connor’s story, bestselling author and influencer Jon Gordon has helped spread his secret to success far and wide, starting with his own children and continuing on to tens of thousands attending his renowned keynote speeches. In this journal, readers will find:

  • A structured, consistent way to transform your nighttime thoughts for the better
  • All of the guidance you need to figure out the event(s) or accomplishment(s) in your day that made you smile
  • Quotes related to positivity and success as a way to get the gears turning and the inspiration flowing

Success Journal: A Daily Practice for Positivity, Resilience, and Growth
 is an essential daily journal for everyone looking to consistently shape their thoughts, and therefore their lives, around positivity and success.