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Difficult Conversations Don’t Have to Be Difficult

Help your team maximize their full potential by mastering tough conversations In Difficult Conversations Don’t Have to be Difficult: A Simple, Smart Way to Make Your Relationships and Team Better, bestselling author Jon Gordon and veteran human resources professional and executive coach Amy P. Kelly deliver an engaging and inspiring new take on how to make […]

Energy Bus for Schools

Drive Your School Culture to Success with The Energy Bus! Transform your school culture into a thriving and positive environment. In The Energy Bus for Schools: 7 Ways to Improve Your School Culture, Remove Negativity, Energize Your Teachers, and Empower Your Students, bestselling author Jon Gordon and education leader Dr. Jim Van Allan provide concrete […]

How To Be a Coffee Bean

In How to be a Coffee Bean, bestselling coauthors of The Coffee Bean, Jon Gordon and Damon West, present 111 simple and effective strategies to help you lead a coffee bean lifestyle—one full of healthy habits, encouragement, and genuine happiness. From athletes to students and executives, countless individuals have been inspired by The Coffee Bean message. Now, How to be […]

The One Truth

The One Truth is the One Thing that Explains Everything  The One Truth, by 15x best-selling author and thought leader Jon Gordon, guides you on a path to discover revolutionary insights, ancient truths and practical strategies to elevate your mind, unlock your power and live life to the fullest. The One Truth is that our state of […]

The Energy Bus

Millions of Copies Sold Worldwide! The Energy Bus, an international best seller by Jon Gordon, takes readers on an enlightening and inspiring ride that reveals 10 secrets for approaching life and work with the kind of positive, forward thinking that leads to true accomplishment – at work and at home. Jon infuses this engaging story […]

The Power of a Positive Team

Visit for additional resources. A book about teams to help teams become more positive, united and connected. Worldwide bestseller — the author of The Energy Bus and The Power of Positive Leadership shares the proven principles and practices that build great teams – and provides practical tools to help teams overcome negativity and enhance their culture, communication, connection, commitment and performance. […]

The Power of Positive Leadership

Visit for additional resources. Lift your organization from the top with a powerful new leadership approach. The Power of Positive Leadership is your personal coach for becoming the leader your people deserve. Storyteller Jon Gordon crafts the fables that inspire great leadership: The Energy Bus, The No Complaining Rule, Training Camp, and others have helped hundreds of thousands of […]

Training Camp

In the spirit of his international bestseller The Energy Bus, Jon Gordon returns with another inspirational fable filled with invaluable lessons and insights on bringing out the best in yourself and your team. Training Camp follows the story of Martin Jones, an un-drafted rookie trying to make it to the bright lights and big money of the NFL. […]

The Carpenter

Bestselling author Jon Gordon returns with his most inspiring book yet—filled with powerful lessons and the greatest success strategies of all. Michael wakes up in the hospital with a bandage on his head and fear in his heart. The stress of building a growing business, with his wife Sarah, caused him to collapse while on […]

The Coffee Bean

From bestselling author Jon Gordon and rising star Damon West comes The Coffee Bean: an illustrated fable that teaches readers how to transform their environment, overcome challenges, and create positive change. Life is often difficult. It can be harsh, stressful, and feel like a pot of boiling hot water. The environments we find ourselves in can change, weaken, or harden […]

Why Leaders FAIL Their Teams

During this FREE leadership training (online via Zoom) I’ll teach you my 5-step positive leadership framework that will improve your leadership, help you create a positive culture and build winning team.