Positive Leadership Webinar


Free LIVE Webinar with Jon Gordon and his Head of Training, Julie Nee

Wednesday, September 25, 2019 from 12pm - 12:45pm ET

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Communication is essential for great leadership and teamwork. Without great communication, negativity fills the void. 

During this FREE, live webinar presentation, bestselling author Jon Gordon and his Head of Training Julie Nee, will walk you through 5 ways to improve your communication.

This is perfect for leaders and aspiring leaders of all types! 

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Q: Is there a charge for this?
A: No charge other than any regular web / phone or long distance charges or internet access you might regularly incur.

Q: Do I need access to a computer?
A: You can choose webinar access (video / slide via computer) or you can access via streaming audio online or listen in via phone. 

Q: How long will this last?
A: Approximately 45 minutes.

Q: Will a recording be made available?
A: Yes, after the LIVE event but we strongly encourage you to join in live so you can get the most out of the opportunity. 

Q: Who can join in?
A: Anyone. It’s open to all. 

Q: I'd like to have others from my office / organization listen in on this together as a group. Is that okay?
A: Of course! We encourage groups to benefit together. You can listen together LIVE via speaker phone in a conference room or all dial in individually together. 

Q: What if I can't attend the LIVE but want a recording emailed to me, should I still register?
A: Yes.

Q. Is there any travel? Where is this located?
A. It’s all virtual. You can be anywhere that you can access a phone or computer.

For additional questions, email daniel@jongordon.com

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