Virtual Book Club

Book 1: The Energy Bus

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We will host interactive LIVE video sessions in our Facebook group each Monday at 4pm Eastern Time. During each live session we'll walk you through the reading for that week, discuss application and how to benefit most from what we've read. The replay will be available afterwards (see replay links below). 

Here is our weekly reading plan for The Energy Bus:
Week 1: Rules 1-2, pages 1-44 (Study Questions PDF)
Week 2: Rules 3-5, pages 45-71 (Study Questions PDF)
Week 3: Rules 6-8, pages 73-128 (Study Questions PDF)
Week 4: Rules 9-10, pages 129-156 (Study Questions)

Week 1 - Recorded on Monday, January 15

Watch the replay here on Facebook or here on Vimeo. Note: Our first minute or two experienced a technical error but was quickly fixed.

Study Questions PDF from Session 1

Week 2 - Recorded on Monday, January 22

Watch the replay here on Facebook or here on Vimeo

Study Questions PDF from Week 2

Week 3 - Recorded on Monday, January 29

Watch the replay here on Facebook or here on Vimeo

Study Questions PDF from Session 3

Week 4 - Recorded on Monday, February 5

Watch the replay here on Facebook  or here on Vimeo

Study Questions from Session 4

Get The Book

Book - Order The Energy Bus book via Amazon, BN or anywhere books are sold. We also have The Energy Bus for Kids.

Optional Resources

Downloadable 10 Rules Poster - Download PDF Here (alternate version here).

Energy Bus Field Guide - Available via Amazon here.

Downloadable Action Plan - Download Here.

Training Videos - Watch Here.

Get One Word -

Energy Bus Schools -

Driver of Positive Change - View the program here.


While Jon will be active with the group, answering questions, sharing tips, etc., our amazing facilitators will host the weekly video discussions.

Our facilitators are JG team members and include:

Amy Kelly - Co-author of The Energy Bus Field Guide. Amy creates human capital strategies to enhance performance and profitability, and she believes that this happens through positive leadership and their positive teams.

Julie Nee - Co-author of The Power of Positive Leadership Action Plan. Julie heads up our Driver of Positive Change Initiative. Her career in Sales and Marketing enabled her to develop an expertise around leading teams and developing people.

Niki Spears - Co-Founder and Chief Energy Officer of The Energy Bus for Schools Leadership Journey Niki is a former principal, educator, and change leader.

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Order The Energy Bus book via AmazonBN or anywhere books are sold. We also have The Energy Bus for Kids.