One Word to Have Your Best Year Ever

My one word for 2019 is Expand. I didn’t choose it, it chose me. I was taking a walk last New Year’s Eve and it came to me.

Expand...not my waistline but...
Expand my influence to impact more people in a greater way.
Expand my capacity to do all I’m doing. Last year I had health challenges and this year I wanted to have a greater capacity to handle the speaking, travel, new projects, family, etc.
Expand our team and training around the world.
Expand my love so I can share more with others.

If you have been reading this newsletter or follow me on social media you’ve likely noticed that we've hosted several sold out leadership training events , have certified about 100 leadership trainers and now have a team of workshop leaders and consultants working with teams and organizations to develop great leaders and build strong teams.

It's been unreal how much my team and capacity has expanded in one year and it’s been exciting to see how my one word helped shape me and my year.

Choosing one word each year has been one of the most important and impactful things I’ve done in my life and I’m excited to share that we created One Word for Kids to help children engage in this meaningful and fun process.

The book officially releases tomorrow (November 5) and is a great resource for teachers to use in their classrooms and for parents to introduce one word to their children.

Order "One Word for Kids" anywhere books are sold including AmazonBarnes & Noble, or Books-A-Million.

If you have experienced the power of the One Word , I hope you will share it with the children in your life and even consider getting some for teachers in your local school.

If you haven’t picked a word yet, it’s not too late to do so to finish 2019 strong. Then you can pick one word for 2020.

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