How to Energize Your Team

Research from the Heart Math Institute ( shows that when you have a feeling in your heart, it goes to every cell in the body, then outward - and people up to 10 feet away can sense these feelings. This means that each day you are broadcasting to your team how you feel. You are broadcasting negative energy or positive energy, apathy or passion, indifference or purpose. Research from Harvard University also supports the idea that the emotions you feel are contagious and affect the people around you.
You team is just as likely to catch your bad mood as the flu, and on the flip side, they will catch your good mood as well.
As a team member, your attitude, energy and leadership are contagious, and has a big impact on your culture and team. 
When you walk into the office, or the meeting, or into the school, hospital, or locker room, you have a decision to make. Are you going to be a germ to your team or a big dose of Vitamin C?
Please know that you don't have to be an extrovert to be positively contagious. Sharing positive energy doesn't mean you have to be a rah-rah person and bounce off the walls. It means that, from the heart, you simply broadcast the love, passion, positivity, and purpose that you have for your team. It means that you decide to be a fountain of energy instead of an energy drain. It means that you fuel your team with positive energy instead of being an energy vampire that sucks the life out of them. 
Great teams are collectively positive and positively contagious. They give and share positive energy to each other, and the more they give, the more comes back to them. 

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