A Culture of Learning

Guest Post by Jim Van Allan, a Jon Gordon Certified Speaker

You walk into Keystone Elementary in Ohio and you would think you are actually on the real Energy Bus if there was such a thing. Energy Bus posters hung everywhere, yellow school busses on the walls, positive fueling stations in various corners, and positive notes and quotes everywhere you look. The teachers and staff speak the Energy Bus language to their students and parents as well as each other which results in a palpable energy to the school.
Keystone’s goal for using the Energy Bus for Schools training program is to sustain their already positive culture. A huge misconception exists that when training is used by a company or school, it is for punitive reasons. The fact is that much of the training we do is for schools and companies who, from a culture & morale standpoint, are doing well. These clients aim to create a culture of learning inside their walls.
Research suggests that a positive culture has leaders and employees who foster caring and respectful behaviors and help others to manage social relationships that are ongoing and long-term. Training can focus on a number of these issues especially creating ongoing and sustainable behaviors. The key is to go beyond the training. Our trainers have a desire to facilitate positive ideas that can help schools and companies continue to grow. Much of the work is completed after our trainers have left as it is up to the managers and employees to take the principles, learn to embrace them and then implement and infuse them in their culture.
Look no further than the managers and leaders of Aramark at Clemson University. They just completed a full-day training on The Positive Leader & The Positive Communicator. By the end of the day, each could recall a number of strategies and ideas they want to specifically bring to their employees. Through active conversation & engaging activities, they moved through the material with willing hearts & minds eager to create a culture of learning across all their employees.
Training is for all types of companies and schools. Even when things seem like they are going well, that might be the best time to invest in training. This is an opportunity to show employees the value of creating a positive & sustainable culture for years to come.

Jim Van AllanAbout Jim:
Jim Van Allan has worked with Jon Gordon since 2006 presenting keynote addresses and workshops to clients across the country. More information at

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